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Web design is always evolving, bringing perpetual change to sites that want a fresh start. Some of these changes stick, and some quickly fade away. With so many sites looking for a great visual appeal and innovation, you never quite know when a new look or feature will change the industry. As of late, there have been several new features that have changed the game. Let’s take a look at some trends that here for the long haul that you need to consider implementing on your site.

Artificial Intelligence

How great would it be to predict trends within your industry straight from the consumer rather than having to rake through data? Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a great way to analyze user context and provide the best solution that consumers are looking for when they visit a given site.


Having beautiful illustrations is a phenomenal way to help establish your brand and distinguish yourself from any competition. This creates an association in the user’s mind that a particular illustration or graphic can be directly affiliated with your company. The competition is always dense regardless of what industry you’re in, illustrations are yet another way to remain on a customer’s mind when they’re taking in so much information in a given day.

Prioritized Mobile Optimization

With a vast majority of searches coming from mobile devices, it’s crucial for mobile sites to be optimized for a tremendous user experience. Some companies are taking this a step further by prioritizing mobile use through mobile sites and applications over desktop use. Some of today’s most popular tech companies such as Uber and Lyft conduct nearly all of their business through their applications. Having a positive mobile user experience gives the consumer the accessibility they want, and gives your company a greater chance of conversion.

Succinct Animations

As soon as your site loads, you want your design to tell a story. Animations give you the chance to show just how unique your company and your offerings are through a great visual appeal. With the capabilities we have today, we have the opportunity to create animations that match the theme of our site and become more interactive than ever before.

All great contemporary sites have at least one or more of these elements incorporated into their site. It may be time for you to consult with experienced company such as AdvisorUp to see exactly how your design can catch the eye of your financial services customer and deliver the best user experience possible.


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